日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 日印協力のビジネスモデル

Foreign Students in Japan. 日本は外国人留学生をもっと生かすべき

Japanese balance between speed and prudence! 国際競争には、慎重さも勢いも必要です

Order in Chaos at the world’s largest Fish Market, Tsukiji


Matsuri in Ginza helps foreigners mingle with the local


Nagareyama City and its lively kids lead the way


English in Japan


Fun of random traveling in Japan, thanks to the great infra and safety!


Japanese youth driven by vision, not hunger


A wheelchair view of Japan. 日本の親切さ

「失われた20年」ではない。Not “Lost”, the Two Decades of Japan

Indo-Japanese Economic Ties : Prospects & Outcomes Under New Prime Minister

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 海外支援 宣伝力を磨こう

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 海外への投資は柔軟に

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 日印の協力、経済以外でも

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 カレーのカイゼン

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 日本の良さに自信を

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 企業と留学生のミスマッチ

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 世界貢献への夢を持て

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 意思決定、日印の違い

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 インドと日本の繋がり

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 安全と価格のバランスは

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 楽しい街作りに期待

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 日本人の親切さ 車いすで実感

日本経済新聞 2050年を見据えたアジアのものづくりの課題と提言

日経産業新聞 日本企業のアジア戦略〜ミャンマー・インドの動向を踏まえて〜

中日新聞 アジアものづくりサミット 高品質これからも

Cool Japan – Hot India

日本経済新聞 Nipponビジネス戦記 企業の海外進出、チームワークを

India & Japan in an Asian Context

Kyoto Kashi Collaboration


Sanjeev Sinha, Founder and President, IIT Alumni Association Japan

Sanjeev Sinha, on NHK World TV

Sanjeev Sinha, on TV Tokyo, WBS on visit of Finance Minister of India Mr. P. Chidambaram:

Sanjeev Sinha, a Japan expert on Gateway House

Sanjeev Sinha, an Indian investment expert in Japan

Sanjeev Sinha as Presidential Advisor to JAIST on Japan proposed pact with IIM-Ahmedabad, IIT-Gandhinagar

Sanjeev Sinha on IIT Alumni Association Magazine PiTech

Sanjeev Sinha speaking at Japan’s GK Design

Sanjeev Sinha on Hitachi Research Institute on Indian Entrepreneurs and India Japan Relation

Sanjeev Sinha on India & Japan in an Asian Context on Japan Spotlight

Sanjeev Sinha at International House of Japan

Sanjeev Sinha on India Japan S&T Collaboration at IGES with Dr. Rajendra Pachauri

Sanjeev Sinha Speaking at Keidanren Hall

Sanjeev Sinha as President of Sun and Sands Advisors, Partner of Mitsubishi Estate in India Economic Zone

Sanjeev Sinha on M&A in Japan on Telegraph India

Sanjeev Sinha as Regional Director GARP Japan

Sanjeev Sinha Board Member of GEWEL

Sanjeev Sinha on Nikkei BP

Sanjeev Sinha on President Stage Magazine

Sanjeev Sinha on Nikkei

Sanjeev Sinha on Nikkei

Sanjeev Sinha on NNA

Sanjeev Sinha on EGG Japan

Sanjeev Sinha on Nikkei

Sanjeev Sinha on Cambria Kyuden, TV Tokyo

Sanjeev Sinha on Marunouchi Summit of Nikkei

Sanjeev Sinha on Nikkan Kogyou Newspaper Seminar

Sanjeev Sinha on Institute of Energy Economics Seminar

Sanjeev Sinha at Nikkei Business School

Sanjeev Sinha on Marunouchi India Economic Zone in Nikkei BP

Japanese Cultural Attractions in a Modern & Global Context

Sanjeev Sinha on Nikkei Seminar on India and Myanmar